Map. History of Medecins Sans Frontieres conflict

22 October 2017
Pakistan: In 2016, MSF teams carried out 36,498 outpatient consultations in Sadda and 6,416 consultations in Alizai
[email protected] conducted 3,278 individual counselling sessions in Jammu and Kashmir in 2016.
MSF: CARcrisis: Around 10,000 people fled to the bush surrounding the town. Another 10,000 crossed into #DRCongo.
Aquarius crew getting ready for the transfer of 111 people from the Phoenix
[email protected]_fund who report having been kidnapped and heavily threatened by the Libyan Coast Guards for two hours.
[email protected]_Sea rescue vessel Prudence is reportedly stopping its operations at sea
MSF in DR Congo: #SudKivu situation has exceeded the emergency threshold. In several areas 3% of the population suffers from #malnutrition acute
Smiles on the kids' faces during the visit of Clowns without Borders to the @MSF center in Majdal Anjar contributing to their Mental Health
Since last winter @MSF_France teams in Paris have been providing health care for migrants and refugees sleeping rough in La Chapelle.
Quiet days on the Mediterranean mean it's time for training drills for the @MSF @SOSMedFrance team on board Aquarius.
The @MSF @SOSMedFrance Aquarius remains on standby in the SAR zone with the crew on watch for boats in distress.
The Prudence and the 127 people rescued today will stay in the SAR area tonight in order to be ready for rescues in the morning.
Pretty much everyone rescued by the Prudence this morning is fast asleep on the deck. This is the first time they've felt safe in months.
The @MSF @SOSMedFrance Aquarius has just rescued 17 people from a overcrowded boat in distress.
The Aquarius has recovered a 8th body. Mediterranean.
In 2016, 403 @MSF staff worked in Lebanon to offer free health care to the most vulnerable communities
All those rescued by @openarms_fund with the support of Prudence have been transferred to the Aquarius.
MSF: After rescuing a first boat with 133 people today, Prudence is now approaching this second wooden boat. Busy morning in the Mediterranean.
Heavy continuous fighting in Taiz Yemen during 1st week of Ramadan. MSF medical teams treats 339 wounded of which 50% women and children
MSF accuses Libyan coastguard of endangering people’s lives during Mediterranean rescue
MSF doctors in Yemen have treated 780+ patients for cholera since March 30. WHO says 2000+ suspected cases
MSF suspends operations in East Ghouta after being attacked by armed rebels
MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) and the bank rate is 6.50 %: RBI
MSF: Aerial attack on @MSF-supported hospital in Syria's north Hama kill orthopedic surgeon and patient
MSF: With the war continuing for a sixth year, all parties must allow the people of Syria to receive the medical and humanitarian aid they need.
Acc to @MSF_Sea Serbia doesn’t want to host more than 6000 people at the moment. Official camps are full
[email protected]'s full statement on the situation in east Aleppo SyrianWe call on all sides to spare the lives of trapped civilians
[email protected] says it is ending operations in its Zaatari facility due to Jordan’s decision to seal its borders with Syria
MSF: The last 2 functional ambulances in Al-Marj neighborhood of besieged East Ghouta were destroyed beyond repair in an aerial bomb attack on Dec 5
Turkish bank regulator TMSF converts all of its cash assets to Turkish lira after Erdoğan's call