Map. History of Medecins Sans Frontieres conflict

20 February 2018


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MSF on Syria: There is a terrible knock-on effect each time a medical facility is bombed.The result is more people in greater need, with fewer health services open and available. The circle is certainly vicious.
MSF: Distressing incident on Mediterranean this morning. Libyan Coastguard boat orders Aquarius away from rubber dinghy in distress. At a distance of only 100 metres, MSF team saw people's faces and heard their screams but were prevented from rendering assistance.
November 26, 2017 - @MSF admits the first patients to its newly constructed hospital for Rohingya refugees. The facility took just three weeks to build. Bangladesh
MSF: More drills! This morning we put one of our fast boats in the sea to train the #searchandrescue and medical teams. The famous RHIBs can carry until 20 people rescued and are Aquarius first point of contact with the boats in distress in the Med.
MSF: Humanitarian assistance for people living in south Syria needs to increase significantly
2 month ago
6,700 Rohingya killed in first month of Myanmar violence: MSF survey
MSF in Yemen says it's seeing hundreds of cases of diphtheria, a disease that had been almost globally eradicated. Half the suspected cases are children
MSF: Al Sabeen, a MSF-supported mother and child hospital in Sanaa, closed yesterday as a result of fighting. It has now partially reopened but many patients still can't get there. Mothers + babies shouldn't have to suffer like this. Yemen
MSF: Heavy clashes since last night have paralyzed Sana'a. MSF offices, warehouses and guesthouses are stuck in the middle. For many Yemenis, this is everyday life now. Many have nowhere safe to go + can no longer access healthcare.
MSF's first flight into Sana'a earlier today since early Nov. NGO flights alone won't solve Yemen's humanitarian crisis though - commercial goods badly needed too
MSF Syria: 12 days, 24 mass casualty influxes, 500+ wounded - our supported hospitals in East Ghouta are at breaking point as intense bombing and shelling is resulting in huge numbers of wounded.
In DRC, one of the worst cholera epidemics continues, now affecting 21 of 26 provinces
Pakistan: In 2016, MSF teams carried out 36,498 outpatient consultations in Sadda and 6,416 consultations in Alizai
[email protected] conducted 3,278 individual counselling sessions in Jammu and Kashmir in 2016.
MSF: CARcrisis: Around 10,000 people fled to the bush surrounding the town. Another 10,000 crossed into #DRCongo.
Aquarius crew getting ready for the transfer of 111 people from the Phoenix
[email protected]_fund who report having been kidnapped and heavily threatened by the Libyan Coast Guards for two hours.
[email protected]_Sea rescue vessel Prudence is reportedly stopping its operations at sea
MSF in DR Congo: #SudKivu situation has exceeded the emergency threshold. In several areas 3% of the population suffers from #malnutrition acute
Smiles on the kids' faces during the visit of Clowns without Borders to the @MSF center in Majdal Anjar contributing to their Mental Health
Since last winter @MSF_France teams in Paris have been providing health care for migrants and refugees sleeping rough in La Chapelle.
Quiet days on the Mediterranean mean it's time for training drills for the @MSF @SOSMedFrance team on board Aquarius.
The @MSF @SOSMedFrance Aquarius remains on standby in the SAR zone with the crew on watch for boats in distress.
The Prudence and the 127 people rescued today will stay in the SAR area tonight in order to be ready for rescues in the morning.
Pretty much everyone rescued by the Prudence this morning is fast asleep on the deck. This is the first time they've felt safe in months.
The @MSF @SOSMedFrance Aquarius has just rescued 17 people from a overcrowded boat in distress.
The Aquarius has recovered a 8th body. Mediterranean.
In 2016, 403 @MSF staff worked in Lebanon to offer free health care to the most vulnerable communities
All those rescued by @openarms_fund with the support of Prudence have been transferred to the Aquarius.
MSF: After rescuing a first boat with 133 people today, Prudence is now approaching this second wooden boat. Busy morning in the Mediterranean.